Lenaers Express has been active in the transport sector since 1994

It has already racked up a lot of mileage during this period, and has seen its customer base and fleet of vehicles grow substantially. In order to also achieve its future growth ambitions, the transport company is now relying on the strong shoulders of Hasco Invest. Business manager Jan Lenaers explains how this is going.

What started as a man-with-a-van has now become an altogether much bigger transport company: in addition to delivery vans, the Lenaers Express car park is now also filled with lorries, trucks with (semi-)trailers, and even crane trucks. The transport company goes all over Europe with these vehicles, with the most extensive range of equipment on board. Current business manager Jan Lenaers wanted to maintain the same rate of growth when he took over from his father Danny in 2018, which is why he decided to ask Hasco Invest for help.

What did Lenaers Express need from Hasco Invest?

“As a young business manager, I wanted a strong partner to help keep us growing – one that could stand their ground in the competitive business world. So a partner with lots of experience and a great feel for business, like Hasco Invest. I’m happy to take full advantage of this partnership. Every month, I go over my strategy with them, provide feedback about the figures, and discuss decisions taken. I’m responsible for the day-to-day policy and operations, but can always count on their good advice and guidance. In other words, I’m still in the driver’s seat, but I have an experienced co-pilot next to me.”

“I’m still in the driver’s seat, but I have an experienced co-pilot next to me.”

- Jan Lenaers

What is the main advantage of the partnership?

“In addition to good advice and financial backing, we also gain the necessary administrative support. Hasco Invest takes care of both our IT and accounting departments, which means we can rely on very detailed control and reporting of our figures, for example. I used to only see a financial picture of our business every six months, but I now get this every month, which is invaluable. It means that we can invest and adapt much more proactively and in a much more targeted way.”

What will the future bring?

“Standing still means you’re going backwards, so we’re not putting any brakes on our growth ambitions just yet. We want to keep growing to become more than just a carrier, and are aiming to expand our logistics department even further over the next few years. Again, I feel fully supported by Hasco Invest here. The partnership forms a solid basis on which we can continue to build. I’m delighted that they’re continuing to share their business acumen with me.”