Together you get ahead: Transferium bolstered by Multi Logistics Group

Transferium has connected shore and ship for more than 20 years. During that period, its expertise and services grew while an increased focus on sustainability gave birth to Transferium Biomass and Transferium Stevedoring. Transferium now also relies on Multi Logistics Group to meet future growth ambitions.

What brought Transferium to Multi Logistics Group?

Nicola Samyn, Transferium business manager: “Initially, Transferium started as a storage and transhipment company. Even today, ships are still unloaded at the conveyor belt, even coasters up to 12,000 tonnes. And goods are stored and redistributed at home and abroad.

An additional activity was added in 2016, supplying alternative fuels to power plants to generate green energy. So we know what’s what.

Over and above our core business we also have sales, marketing, HR and finance tasks. We decided to engage Multi Logistics Group to keep everything running smoothly.”

“By joining forces, Transferium can fully focus on its core business"

Nicola Samyn

What is the main advantage of the partnership?

Johannes Lagasse, Multi Logistics Group CEO: “Together you get ahead, a significant boon for a logistics player. Evolving from competitors to co-partners automatically gives us economies of scale. Together, we have greater national coverage – from Ghent to Liège – with more square metres of storage and wharf front. And together we can also buy larger volumes, which will give us more financial clout. Not to mention the collective knowledge and experience.”

Nicola Samyn: “So from now on, we will provide our collective customers with even better, more flexible and faster services. They can now choose from different locations with a plentiful choice of storage options and rely on an ample fleet of low-loaders, lorries and transfer cranes. And these are always on standby as we can count on a workshop with a large stock of spare parts.”


Johannes Lagasse: “We both strongly believe in sustainability. For instance, by also investing in efficient water-based transport that reduces CO2 and particulate emissions. Thanks to Transferium, we now also have a biomass option that we can jointly offer to a larger group of customers within the Multi Logistics Group.”


What does the shared future bring?

Nicola Samyn: “By joining forces, Transferium can fully focus on its core business. We’re also planning a new additional concession of three hectares in the Port of Ghent, where we want to pool our recycling processes handling different types of waste so we can get the most out of all recyclable streams. All of this will occur in brand-new industrial buildings, which will ensure we comply with the latest environmental laws. This will also immediately free up space so we can continue expanding transhipment activities. Clearly, this partnership means we’re now even stronger facing the future.”