RCT Stevedoring joins forces with Hasco Invest

As a manager, you're overflowing with ideas and plans. All you want is to put them into action, but practical and administrative tasks keep you away from your core business. So how do you find the time to achieve your ambitions? Forming a partnership with Hasco Invest gave RCT Stevedoring essential breathing space. Director Koen Van Duyse testifies.

The story of RCT Stevedoring started in the late 1960s. Back then, the company traded in sand and gravel and manufactured quick build bricks. Over the years, its focus shifted to loading and unloading seagoing vessels and goods storage. In other words, RCT started specialising in stevedoring, an activity for which it is now internationally renowned.

Logistics specialists

RCT loads and unloads ships weighing up to 10,000 tonnes at its spacious quay, strategically located in Willebroek, near the Antwerp-Brussels Sea Canal. Because we have 100,000 m² of storage space, 25,000 m² of which are covered, there is plenty of room for all your goods. If you need to transfer goods to a truck or barge, RCT can also take care of this. When dealing with administrative matters, you can rely on our in-house customs department. In short, RCT provides everything you need for an efficient logistic flow.

Koen Van Duyse became director of RCT in 2004. Under his leadership, the company continued to grow. In 2014 it joined forces with Hasco Invest. Koen Van Duyse explains why this partnership came about.

“Outsourcing accounting, HR, IT and marketing gives me the time I need to focus on my core business!

Koen Van Duyse

Hasco Invest turns ideas into reality

What led you to join forces with Hasco Invest?

I first met Francis Wanten, chairman of Hasco Invest, in 2014. Our conversations and his business instincts got me thinking intensively about ideas I had been mulling over for ages. Mr Wanten’s vision for Hasco Invest suddenly made these ideas much more concrete and easier to put into action. Why not become a partner of Hasco Invest? This would mean growth and expansion for RCT as I could leave things that I considered as side issues to Hasco Invest."

For a manager, accounting, HR, IT and marketing are time-consuming ancillary activities. Being able to outsource this to business partners at Hasco Invest would give me plenty of time to focus on my core business. This idea was enormously appealing, so I joined Hasco Invest in 2014.”

Growth and benefits for staff

Are there any other benefits than renewed focus?

“Becoming part of a larger group has given my employees greater job security. They have also acquired a number of employee benefits that are only possible for a larger group. Furthermore, this partnership has led to significant growth. The merger and contact with our fellow partners has already yielded several new clients. This, in turn, has led to extra recruitment. The reports give us more comprehensive and accurate insights that enable us to fine-tune our focus.”

“I am convinced that, with the help of Hasco Invest, RCT will be able to grow even further. This will keep us at the forefront of our sector: loading and unloading ships and storing goods.