Welcome on board, Eric Noterman

Together with Johannes Lagasse, Eric Noterman is co-CEO at the helm of Multi Logistics Group. For years, Eric has been working as a CEO within the logistics sector. He has clocked up many miles of expertise along the way. By combining a strong systematic and human approach, Eric has been successful in the ongoing professionalism of diverse companies. Something he also aims to achieve at Multi Logistics Group. Eric targets continuous improvement, with the focus on people.

Professional challenge

Eric first came into contact with Francis Wanten, president of Hasco Invest through Kraanbedrijf D. Buermans. Francis Wanten’s strong commitment to multimodality to create a sustainable business was what convinced Eric to join Multi Logistics Group.

At Multi Logistics Group, Eric is embarking on a new challenge. “I have already pursued an extensive career and gained lots of experience. But I ‘m certainly not finished yet. Now was a good time to seize this new professional opportunity. Working with young people and sharing my knowledge is something that gives me great satisfaction. Standing strong together as one team and getting results.”

"There are unique opportunities and challenges ahead for Multi Logistics Group and its partners, I’m sure of that.”

Eric Noterman

Unique family business

The partners at Multi Logistics Group all have a strong family spirit. So it’s essential to recognise the input of the founder or family successors in the company. “Despite the fact our partners are all family logistics businesses, each one is different. You can’t put them all in the same box. The content may be similar, but the packaging is different. We try to preserve the business culture of each partner and integrate it in our network within Multi Logistics Group. This allows us to be proactive and help each company in growing and becoming more professional. There are unique opportunities and challenges ahead for Multi Logistics Group and its partners, I’m sure of that.”

The world around us is in constant evolution. This can also be felt in the logistics sector. “Innovation, digitalisation and efficiency go hand in hand. We also enjoy this efficiency thanks to our partnerships. Both at Multi Logistics Group, and for each partner individually, digitalisation is a top priority. We are investing in new technologies in order to distinguish ourselves from similar companies. Our innovation also continues in our fleet of vehicles and we never stop looking for better machines. Work hard, think smart (laughs).”

The power of together

Together with Johannes, Eric is in charge of the daily management within the Multi Logistics Group. While Eric is devoted to the internal organisation and general management, Johannes is focused on sales and business development within the group. He takes care of integrating the MLG partners and is always seeking new potential partners. Johannes and Eric are therefore compatible counterparts. The secret of smooth collaboration is good communication, according to Eric. “Johannes and I are entirely complementary. Yet it is important to ensure close communication. That’s the power of together, also within our Multi Logistics Group team.”